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LILUMIA Makeup Brush Cleaner Review

Prepare to be amazed…. BY DIRTY MAKEUP BRUSHES



We all have our routines that we have to do but that doesn’t necessarily mean we enjoy doing them. For me cleaning my makeup brushes is annoyingly time consuming and I honestly just hated washing them. I remember a few years back I was very tempted to throw all of my old brushes into the dish washer… because why not, right? I figured, if my dishes came out looking right, so should my brushes. After my son (which was 5 years old at the time) was questioning my actions, I regrouped and needless to say, I aborted that mission. It reached a point where I had to start giving myself a pep talk just to wash them.  I was totally in when I thought I don’t want to grow my acne beard today.. that got my behind in gear to wash them.

The Dirty Rundown

Just to give you an idea of what I use and how often I use them, I wear makeup daily and I go HAM. I wear foundation, powder, eye shadow,eyebrows, and lipstick when I’m feeling bold I’m not really a lip girl.  So when I say my makeup brushes get dirty, please believe me, they get dirty. The brushes that touch my face, I NOW wash them daily, before it was maybe, just maybe every other day. My eye shadow brushes can go a few days since I don’t change up the eye shadow color up daily. So when I washed my brushes, It took me close to 15 minutes depending on how many I had and how dirty they were.

Face AND EYE Brushes

Time to Lilumia You

I was at work one day and I was thinking about all the things I had to do when I got home to do my second job aka run the household. I don’t know why, but when I thought about needing to clean my brushes that sent me on a journey, a journey to see if there was an alternative to save me a whoppin’ 15 minutes. Lucky me! I found it on YouTube, the Lilumia. My first reactions were NO WAY, sign me up! I remember having to close my mouth because my jaw literally dropped and my teeth were becoming a little dry. I tend to be an impulse buyer and hope for the best, with most things, especially with this one.

Right away I was curious to know the cost of this lovely machine, and my mouth opened right back up….

The Lilumia 2 in the color Tokyo, which is the model I have, is listed at $159.00 from their direct site. I also found the same model on amazon and it includes two deep cleaning disks, you can check it out here. 

I totally took a leap of faith with this little fella and purchased it. After I received my payment confirmation, I went on to read why I’ll love this product. And I must say, I fell in love.

Reasons you’ll love this product (According to the site)

1. No more nasty breakouts!

HALLELUJAH, can I get a amen to that?! I get these down right nasty, painful pimples on my cheek. As if that wasn’t enough good luck, I scar super easily and I have a horrible habit of having to pop pimples way to early. Leaving me to look like I was beat with a sack of nickles, then they swell up even more.

2. Convenient

Another hell yeah on my checklist! Even though taking the time to wash my brushes was a minimal amount, I still did NOT want to be bothered with this task.


3. Saves you money

Huuuuuummmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmkay, I actually had to continue reading this because my mind went right back to how much it initially cost to even get this!

So as I continued to read it actually made sense, clean with less product, BUT what stood out to me is protecting my investment, the MAKEUP BRUSHES THEMSELVES! Okay, Lilumia now you’re speaking my language, I love that the reasons why I’d love this product were actually logical.


Set up was pretty straight forward, another thing I like, its not like putting IKEA furniture together, okay plus! All you have to do is add the brush cleaner to the part where your brushes will be touching and add the hot water to the side of the machine. I’m thinking, okay whats the catch.. it can’t be this easy! I’m going to show my husband how to do this, so I won’t have to do it at all!!

The next step is CRUCIAL to get that new brush look, and when I was reading reviews I didn’t see or hear others doing this often… PREP YOUR BRUSHES. I grabbed a towel that I didn’t mind getting makeup on and got the excess makeup off. So I put this to the test. I wanted to see if it really made a difference and it actually did. It’s safe to say, I always prep my brushes before they take a bath. 🙂

Now that you have prepped your brushes, you can load them up. It’s like getting in a car and putting your seat belt on, you load them correctly to make sure you’ll get from point a to point b safely!

After loading the brushes into the holder, you just click it into place and push the button and get back to your day. SO EASY!

My overall Thoughts

The Lilumia makeup brush cleaner has definitely changed how often I clean my brushes. I have noticed my brushes feel like they did when I first bought them, which is a plus. I remember feeling a sense of uncertainty with the machine because of the possibility of not getting the same results each time. If this is a worry for you, I would reccommend to follow the instructions without changing things.

I have now been using the Lilumia for the past year and I use it every other day, sometimes daily and when I try to free hand everything I have issues. By “free hand” I mean not measuring. When I added too much soap, it left my brushes very bubbly. Too much water led the machine to over flow and I had water all over my counter.

With all that said, this was a great investment for me.

I have noticed my skin is steadily clear. Is it because my makeup brushes are clean or because I found a new face scrub that leaves my skin feeling soft and brand new, I don’t know.

The convenience of the Lilumia is a strong plus for me, like I mentioned before, loading them up and being able to move to the next task is great. I usually have my brushes going when I’m bathing my son, washing the dishes, or just doing whatever.

The condition of my brushes, especially my foundation brush, has held up in good shape.  I can say I have noticed my brushes haven’t been shedding and leaving those annoying hairs on my face. After EVERY WASH my brushes are just as soft as they were when I had first used them. It leaves my brushes with a luxurious feeling, and who wouldn’t like that?!


Would I get one for my mom or sister? Yes, I would and I can’t wait to receive Lilumia’s new model … ZOE. Stay tuned for my first initial review. Until then, how do you want to clean your brushes?

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