One of the most-read posts on the blog is about Dermarolling! Did you know that Dermarolling helps trigger your skin's natural rejuvenation response for firmer, smoother skin?


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I remember when my hair stylist would preach to me healthy hair is in no matter what the latest trend is. Don't get caught up in the length talk, length wont matter is your hair is always breaking off. Here are 5 simple times to follow for healthy hair! 

healthy hair is in 

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When you have a good relationship with your makeup application, it's guaranteed to be a match made in heaven. There are a few tricks and tips that I have picked up along the way that have stepped up my foundation game, and I can't wait to share the 8 Foundation Mistakes To Avoid, and even better, how to fix them! 

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Morning coffee and reading the newspaper together, the cool fall breeze blowing through the window as you pour another cup. Black denim and leather boots, the deepest crimson flannel. Rose gold and velvet. Rich and lush. Chatting with locals while we sip our coffee and head out for the next adventure.

Red wine and dark twilight nights.

Sipping chartreuse and green tea while looking at the most perfect white subway tile and hand painted signs. Driving through the mountains to Portland reminiscing about the best memories back home. Cozy sweaters, vintage denim, and Pabst while telling one of a kind love stories. 

One of a kind romance.

Your all about that technology! With the release of the UFO2, "Find My UFO" was born, and now you can locate your device and unlock it automatically! 

You like your masks served warm and want it delivered quickly! The UFO 2 warms up 5X faster, providing that yummy fuzzy feeling we all look for! 

You're a skincare diva and want to take advantage of the Full Spectrum LED Light Therapy. With eight colors to make skin concerns a thing of the past, you can only find this in the UFO 2/ UFO Mini 2

you'll want to upgrade to the foreo ufo 2 if...

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