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Simple Makeup Look Using Drugstore Products

Simple Makeup Look using Drugstore Products

We all need a Simple Makeup Look using Drugstore Products. I don’t know about you but morning routines are stressful in my household, and the last thing I need is to walk out of the door looking a mess.

My mom always tells me, “When you look good you feel good” I’m a firm believer in that, however I’m also a firm believer in sleeping in and taking my sweet time in the morning.

Easy Everyday Makeup using Drug Store Products

You feel me? You hear me knocking? Lets jump into creating a Simple Makeup Look using Drugstore Products!

I’m a fan of simple easy makeup looks for work, that wont have me sitting in front of the mirror for hours. I look for simplicity and a look that doesn’t require a ton of products and steps.

If you haven’t yet seen my guide to starting a makeup collection, you can get it here.

Below is my go to everyday look:

In the look, I’m wearing two colors both from the L’Oreal nude palette, 1 this is what it looks like:

The colors im wearing are numbered 1 and 2 in the picture below:

Eye Shadow colors for simple everyday look

 Step 1: Prep Your Face

Exfoliate your face! This step is crucial to getting a smooth finish with your foundation. I normally use African Black soap both am and pm. and I cant say enough about this soap. It literally provides my face a deep clean every time I use it, I’ve noticed a change in my skin for the better.

Recently I stopped at lush and they had this coffee face scrub that I just couldn’t leave the store without. I use this in the am and let me tell you, I’m digging it. To some it can be a little too harsh if you have sensitive skin this may not work for you, or better yet you may not enjoy it because of the chunks in the scrub. The part I enjoy the most is the smell, i feel like it wakes me up. Now this can completely just be in my head, but hey whatever it takes to wake me up i’m all in.

Step 2: Moisturize Your Skin

ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT STEP… moisturize your skin. I cannot stress this enough and even I fell victim to this before I learned better. My face produces more oil than McDonald’s fries and before I didn’t think I needed to moisturize my skin because it moisturized itself.

Problem solved, right?


Since I have started using moisturizer on my face I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the amount of oil my face produces. The tricky part is finding the right for you and your skin type. This took me some time to find what I like and what makes me comfortable, I go between these two products:

Step 3: Shape Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows, Eyebrows, Eyebrows. This can be a very intimidating part. I went through my fair share of crazy eyebrows before I found one that I like and makes me comfortable.

Its all about what is going to work best for you, and what makes you feel sexy. For me, I found that I like a powder over a gel. I couldn’t find my happy medium with gel and the powder is very forgiving. Personally, I like just using a black eye shadow for my eyebrow for two reasons.

  1. Already have it on hand, it doesn’t require extra products
  2. Eye shadow allows for my eyebrow to look more natural and gives a softer look on my face.

Again its all about personal preference and this is what allows me to get my eyebrows on quickly. Here’s what they look like before and after filled in.

How to shape your eyebrow
Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade for Eyebrows

Step Four:

Foundation. I’ve messed around with my make up application many times and the thing that chaps my behind is when people try to tell me in what order I need to apply my makeup? Are any of you in the same boat as myself?

I went the longest time with applying my foundation last because I didn’t fell comfortable with the fallout from my eyes, I just felt like it was going to be a huge mess. One day I wasn’t paying attention as I was applying my makeup and I put my foundation on after my eyebrows and its been my favorite way lately.

I like that I can set my foundation aka bake my face. It sounds funny and I thought it was all nonsense until one day I actually tried it and I found I really like the way it set into my skin and gave a more glam look.

So how do I put my foundation on?

I use the infamous sponge. Ever since I’ve gotten my hands on these, I haven’t looked back. It allows me to blend my foundation quicker, I don’t use a lot of product, and i feel its easier on my skin especially around the eye area. To be honest with you, I barely tried the Beauty Blender this year and I find myself grabbing for the real techniques sponge over the beauty blender. (Again personal preference)

TIP: Creating a line with your powder extended from your bottom your lash line like below gives you the PERFECT guide for your winged eyeliner. Takes the guessing out, saves time, and you don’t need any other product!

Simple Makeup Look using Drugstore Products

Step 5:

Eye shadow! Like I mentioned above I’m only wearing two colors I’ve labeled the colors below:

Eye Shadow colors

Shadow number one I put in my crease with my fluffy brush: Your eyes will begin to look like this:

Simple Makeup Look using Drugstore Products

It took me awhile to become patient with building eye shadow colors. I would apply heavily and it just became a disaster trying to blend it out. For that reason I apply lightly and build up the color. You will be surprised the colors you will achieve with building up.

Build up the color and use a light hand

Moving on to shade number two in the picture, using a pencil brush add this to the outer corner of your eye. Remember a little goes a long way, you don’t need to get a lot on the brush. Its easier to add colors than to have to sit and blend forever!

  • Tip draw the letter V as shown below
Create Outer V when doing a Smokey eye

After the letter V has been made, grab a fluffy blending brush and blend the two colors together. When blending, I like to start from the outer corner moving inward to drag the color across.

How to Blend Eyeshadow for a effortless look

Step 6:

Eyeliner is my favorite part of the entire process. Remember the guide we created earlier with the powder, that is going to take the guessing out of the process.

I use the wet and wild liquid eyeliner and I love it. I bought the tarte black clay liner and I personally didn’t like the brush it came with or the product itself to trace out the line. Also, I use a eyeliner brush similar to the below

How To get a straight wing every time

Step 7: Optional (eyelashes)

This step of course is optional, but for me I cant go without lashes. I feel naked without them probably because I’ve been wearing them for so long. I wanted to give the extensions a try but I’ve heard many bad things about them, what are your experiences or preferences with eyelash extensions?

If you want to contour, add highlighter, and blush now is the time to get down with that.

Finishing Touches For Your Simple Everyday Makeup Look using Drugstore Products

You have completed the look! Time to blend in that extra powder you had sitting on your face. I just grab my beauty blender and push it into the skin.

Now you’ll want to use your setting spray, to coat your entire face. After spraying, fan your face until it feels dry and comfortable. Here are a few of my favorites:

Let me know your thoughts, and how much time this has saved you!

Have a great Day!

Here is my favorite place to go when I want Makeup Inspiration


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